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Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the anesthesia during my procedure?
You will have an independent board certified anesthesiologist (or CRNA) at your service from arrival to discharge. A registered nurse will start your IV, go through a pre-operative questionnaire and walk you to the surgery suite. There, you will meet your own personal anesthesiologist (or CRNA) who will answer any additional questions before your procedure. The nurse will discharge you aft er the procedure and ensure your comfort and safety.

Why choose office based procedures versus hospital?
Safety: This is our #1 objective and our surgical team will ensure safety by utilizing only registered and trained staff members along with state of the art procedural equipment. Thus, we create the operating room result within the safety and convenience of your doctor’s office.

Cost: Though a patient’s financial responsibility varies per insurance provider, the cost of in-office procedures is typically a fraction of the cost of an ASC or hospital.

Convenience: Enjoy the comfort of your doctor’s office with the staff you know. Why spend hours upon hours at the hospital when you can arrive approximately 30 minutes before your procedure and leave with a chaperone approximately 30 minutes after the procedure?

What is my payment responsibility?
The patient’s financial responsibility will vary based on your primary insurance plan. Though insurance providers recognize the benefit of office based procedures there may still be a cost associated with your procedure. Though a cost, this fee is a fraction of what a patient would see from the hospital or ASC. Our billing team will work with your insurance provider to ensure you have little or no out of pocket cost for our services.

your patients.

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